(Open to all Canadians)

  • International Business:
    What is the percentage of the nominee’s export sales/foreign business investment as compared to the nominee’s total sales/foreign investment (with geographic break down)?
  • Operating Success:
    To what extent has the international business been accepted in the market place? Has the nominee’s business strengthened its position in the marketplace? Does the nominee demonstrate that their sales, products or services benefit Canadian and Chinese communities in Canada and abroad? What are the nominee’s financial performance results for past three years?
  • Growth Prospects:
    What is the growth potential of the nominee with the expansion of the international business, qualitatively and quantitatively?
  • Management Capabilities:
    Is there evidence of appropriate business planning, business operations control? Is there any training program for staff development and is this encouraged? Is there involvement in related community activities that encourage other businesses to engage in international business?