Yvonne Chan
Yvonne Chan

It is an honour to be elected President of this prestigious organization at the Annual General Meeting held on September 19, 2023.  ACCE is filled with authentic, genuine people who want to do better for our community, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

ACCE recognizes the passion, hard work and dedication that entrepreneurs put into their businesses through our annual Entrepreneur Awards, which also served as the gateway for my involvement in ACCE.  Making good on my vow to give back to ACCE and the Chinese Canadian Community when receiving my ACCE Best Community Service Award on the Gala stage back in April 2022, I take on the role of President with great humility and respect for all that has been achieved by the association since its founding in 1994.

We could not do any of this without our Sponsors, who show us their unwavering commitment as we continue to organize seminars, workshops, business forums, receptions, dinner events, golf tournaments and educational programs.  We are grateful to our media partners who help us memorialize our moments and share our messages out to the community.  Our strategic initiatives with international partners, Colleges and Universities continue to connect us with resources and bring new insights. We thank all levels of government who strengthen community relations as we grow and attract more corporate, individual and student members. 

I especially wish to recognize ACCE’s Immediate Past President, Kevin Au-Yeung, for his leadership and commitment these past six years, which included expertly pivoting the organization during the pandemic.  Thank you to each of the current and past Board Members, Directors, Advisors and Volunteers who create meaningful opportunities for our members to interact and support all entrepreneurs including young entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs.  Thank you also to the ongoing support of ACCE’s Advisory Council which is comprised of ACCE’s Past Presidents, each of whom continue to dedicate their time to this incredible organization.

We are grateful most of all to our families who support us each and every day, as we continue to build our businesses and create meaningful impact here in Canada and globally.  The entrepreneurial journey is filled with joys and challenges, but we would not have it any other way.  We hope to inspire others to take this journey with us.

Please join us at the next ACCE event and meet some incredible people.


Yvonne Chan