LIVE FINALS LIVE DATE: Friday, August 13, 2021 | 2:00-4:00pm EDT

A Business Pitch Competition for Highschool Students
REGISTRATION PERIOD: May 24 – June 19, 2021

  • Collaborate in teams of 3-5
  • Participant Ages: 15-18
  • Compose and submit your innovative pitch videos
  • Opportunities to work one-on-one with ACCE mentors
  • Gain meaningful connections to likeminded peers


Hello students! Thank you for your interest in the 2021 ACCE Pitch Competition organized by the Youth Division of the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACCE). Here at ACCE Youth, we are on the lookout for young visionaries who are passionate about entrepreneurship and about realizing an entrepreneurial vision. We want to provide them with resources and opportunities to showcase their talents and ideas, fostering their ability to impact the world through entrepreneurship.

In this competition, we will offer participating high school students the experience of developing and refining their entrepreneurial ideas through the various stages. Under the guidance of influential mentors from ACCE, participants will be part of an engaging learning experience and gain invaluable connections to the network of ACCE.

As you move forward in this competition, you will find yourself immersed in the creative entrepreneurial process. We hope this will inspire you to further pursue entrepreneurship and reach out to ACCE for support. In addition to the great prizes available to be won through competition, we hope that you will appreciate the opportunity to kickstart your ambitions with the support of experts and learn something new in this journey.

The competition will unfold in 4 stages:


To enter the competition, form a team of 3 to 5 participants with your friends and individually fill out our Google Form here. We will get back to you on June 13th!

Registration requirements:

  • Age: 15~18
  • Grade: 9~12 – 2020~2021 year
  • Compete in teams of 3~5
    • Participants must register individually with the same team name
    • Eg. Friends, classmates…
    • All members of the teams must fit the requirements stated above

Registration Period: May 24th ~ June 19th 2021


After registration, teams will be required to provide a preliminary writeup document and a short elevator pitch. This will provide us with a rough sense of your idea and decide which ones will move forward to the next round.

Preliminary Writeup Document: Link

  • This will give judges and mentors a rough idea of your service/product
  • Create a copy of the document and fill out the required fields
  • Keep it short and concise!

Elevator Pitch: Link

  • An engaging 30-45 second elevator pitch
  • Give your investors a rough sketch of the premise of your idea
  • Make use of the visual possibilities in video editing to keep it engaging and concise
  • Make use of every second!

In the write-up and elevator pitch, the emphasis should be on the quality of your idea, tell us why your idea deserves recognition from our experts and why we should invest our resources in you. DO NOT worry about the business aspects yet, the focus is the idea! Your videos and documents will become more refined with the aid of mentors in succeeding rounds!

Documents to be sent to:

  • Documents must be named: “TEAM NAME_PRELIM_TYPE OF DOCUMENT_2021”

Deadline Date: June 20th ~ July 4th 2021


After the ideas of all registered teams have been filtered into the 10 most noteworthy ones, the 10 semi-finalist teams will be paired up with our distinguished ACCE mentors to substantiate their ideas. With the help of mentors, teams will refine their preliminary write-up and pitch videos into more formal documents to be reviewed by our panel of judges before moving into the finals. At this stage, the emphasis will be placed on entrepreneurial concepts which you will learn by collaborating with your mentors.

Refined Write-up

  • 1200 max. word count
  • To be built on top of the preliminary write-up
  • Include entrepreneurial concepts
    • Value Proposition
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Key Customers and Stakeholders
    • Operational Model
    • Financial Projection (or other type of metric of success)
    • Social Impact

Refined Video: Link

  • 2 mins MAX
  • Video should be refined based on
    • Creativity (technical aspects should be presented in the write-up)
    • Reducing vagueness, ambiguity
      • Idea should be flushed out and explicitly explained
    • Engagement
    • Innovativeness

Moving forward, your submissions will be judged using this rubric: link

  • Originality
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Viability
  • Growth Potential
  • Quality of Presentation
  • Social Impact

Documents to be sent to:

  • Documents must be named: “TEAM NAME_REFINED_TYPE OF DOCUMENT_2021”
  • Deadline Date: July 5th ~ July 27th 2021


Following the semi-finals round, the top 5 qualifying teams will have the opportunity to continue forward in the competition. From this stage forward, the final teams will be required to submit a 5-minute recorded presentation of their finalized pitch ideas which will then be viewed and judged by a panel. The judges will have reviewed your refined write-up in advance so avoid redundancy in your video.

Final Video
The Final Video should encompass your entire process throughout this competition. The delivery of this video is completely up to the team’s discretion (formal presentation, skits, live usage of the product, etc.). Pitch your idea and show how it functions in a real-world context with respect to feasibility, growth opportunity and financial returns.

Your presentation will be around 15 minutes in total

  • 5 minutes for your video
  • 5 minutes of Q&A from the panel
  • 5 minutes of feedback from the panel

The Panel will be judging using this rubric. So be sure to meet the expectations!

Documents to be sent to:

  • Documents must be named: TEAM NAME_FINAL_TYPE OF DOCUMENT_2021

Deadline Date: July 29th~Aug 8st

LIVE EVENT Date: August 13th, 2021 2-4pm EDT


The 5 finalists will all receive distinctions and prizes from the ACCE Panel.

  • Certificates of Recognition
  • Gift Cards
  • Support Infrastructure and business connections from ACCE

The Winning Team will receive:

  • Scholarships: Reimbursement of educational training ($500 for each member)
  • Certificate of Distinction

The People’s Choice will receive:

  • Certificate of Community Acknowledgement


  • Registration: May 24th ~ June 19th
  • Qualifying: June 20th ~ July 4th
  • Semi-finals: 10→5: July 5th ~ July 27th
  • Finals: July 29th ~ August 8th
  • Finals Live Event: August 13th at 2-4pm EDT