Board of Directors


Vice President, Program
Mr. Tim Chuang

Tim Chuang, Financial Security Advisor and Founder, Radiant Life Insurance. Tim has extensive experience in banking and wealth management. Prior to his business in insurance and financial planning, he had been a major bank branch manager for 8 years, including one year in regional leadership position of a global bank.

Tim’s practice is to help client preserve capital while enhancing yield and protecting clients’ equity portfolios from future major financial impact. The core value is to build and implement personal financial security strategy, in which will leads to clients’ family harmony, higher quality of life, moreover, and making this world a better place through act of philanthropy, both while they live and when they die.

Tim is very well connected in the Asian business community of Greater Toronto Area, with 15 years of community involvement. He was the President of Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society Taipei/Toronto (TESTT) and is currently the Vice President and Board Member of Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs (ACCE).