Board of Directors


Mr. Fred Lai

Mr. Fred Lai is the founder of Amazing Custom Fabricators Inc. With background in Mechanical Engineering, he gained extensive knowledge in manufacturing of precise sheet metal components utilizing state-of-the-art equipment & machinery.

His company won the Best Start-Up Award at the Chinese Canadian Entrepreneur Awards in the year 2000.

Fred, with his Christian beliefs, also believes in service to the community. He joined the board of ACCE in 2002. Before taking up presidency of the association in 2004, he was appointed Vice President of Association Development and also the project manager of the annual Business Forum.

Amazing Custom Fabricators Inc., and Kobotic Ltd. have merged to become one strong company on June 1, 2013. The newly merged company is re-named as Amazing Kobotic Industries Inc. to reflect its strength both in metal fabrication and welding. The company continues its growth both in commercial, industrial and automotive sector due to its operational excellence and technological advances.