DATE: Thursday, November 25, 2021

TIME: 4:00pm – 5:00pm EST
WHERE: Webinar hosted on Zoom
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Building a Stronger Business through Diversity

This webinar features the importance of building diverse and inclusive organizations and how to achieve that. The purpose of this webcast is to provide an educational piece to business owners on:

  • Why do we need to become diverse and inclusive?
  • How do we develop a plan to increase intersectionality and change culture?
  • How do we operationalize and implement that plan?
  • How do we monitor and measure results?
  • How do we promote diversity and inclusion outside of the organization and into the community?

The audience will be composed of small to medium sized business owners and managers and we believe this is a great opportunity to discuss intersectionality and change culture so they may consider introducing these concepts into their organization.


  • Leslie Woo, CEO of CivicAction
  • Cara Inglis, Consumer and Modern Work PR Lead at Microsoft
  • Andrew Au, Managing Partner of Intercept Group North America


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