Members Advantages

Joining ACCE not only connects you to a prestigious organization with vibrant and successful members, but also provides a springboard for you to network with many other Chinese and Mainstream associations.

Education Activities

ACCE helps members to continue their professional development through seminars, business forums, symposiums, mentorship programs and classes organized by ACCE or in partnership with other associations, organizations, institutions and government bodies.

Social / Networking Activities

Our various seasonal programs and social gatherings provide members with entertaining and enjoyable gatherings where they can socialize while expanding their business networks and increasing their business exposure.  For those who have missed some of our exciting events, Entrepreneurs News, published periodically by ACCE, keeps members up-to-date and informed on the association’s news, activities and development.

Members also receive special discounts for advertising on ACCE’s website and publications, as well as special offers on products and services from other members.